Colours of Autumn

I stumbled upon some free time, and after being quite busy these couple of weeks, I jumped at the opportunity to get back on the bike and turn the pedals a bit. The weather decided to play along as well yesterday, with the sun peeking from behind the clouds here and there. Cold gusts of wind came and went menacingly, bit I paid them little mind. You know what they say – the weather is only as bad as your wardrobe. 🙂


I’m happy I didn’t stay in, otherwise I would have missed a wonderful autumn day. I brought packed my photo camera and set out for the nearby woods. A long ride wasn’t what I had in mind, instead I just wanted to take in some nature after spending weeks in a basement office with no windows and only seeing the sun for 3 hours every day.

A short ride from my house lies the protected natural park called Rački ribniki – Požeg. This mostly wooded area with a number of manmade lakes and waterways is home to many interesting animal and plant species, while also providing a quiet area for the locals to relax and engage in recreational activities. In warmer days you can find many of them walking, running, cycling and generally enjoying nature. With the chestnut and mushroom gathering season now in full swing, a number of people can be seen with baskets in hand as well.

There is also a marked cycling route going through the park, a part of the EuroVelo 9 network, which crosses Europe from the Baltic to the Adriatic sea. Though there are signposts at road junctions, they are for now only small blue signs with a bike an an arrow on them. If I am correctly informed, more comprehensive signboards with nearby points of interest will be put up in the near future.

IMG_6728Don’t hesitate to get out and enjoy the autumn atmosphere. The weather these days might not be as inviting at first glance, but I promise that it will be well worth it in the end. As for the cycling season – that’s never over for me. Some interesting developments are on the way, so swing back later to see what becomes of them. And don’t forget to check the small autumn gallery from the park down below. 🙂


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