Photos from the road #1

I often take my camera with me when I go out riding. It may be heavy and clumsy at times and even require a backpack, but it keeps me alert for cool photo spots, nice views and scenery in general.

IMG_7045.JPGI live at the bottom of the Pohorje hill range – widely known as a popular skiing area and the host of the Golden Fox FIS ski world cup event for women, it also offers plenty of roads for good road and MTB cycling with refreshing climate and lots of shade during hot summer months. There’s even a Specialized sponsored mountain bike park. And after you’re done with your daily activities, you can catch some RnR in nearby Maribor, offering you everything from great culinary delights to cinemas and night clubs. If you fancy a bit of skiing, what better place to do it than here. The season’s just kicking off. 🙂 You can click through the links to get a better picture of the place.

Today I really wanted to show you a couple of photos I made during my ride today. Late autumn isn’t the best of seasons as far as nature goes, and there was a slight mist covering the flatlands below, but hey – we can’t all have what we want, right? Spring will be that much sweeter when it finally arrives. 😉

Enjoy the gallery! 🙂



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