Winter Vintgar*

*Vintgar – gorge; a narrow cleft with steep, rocky walls, especially one through which a stream runs.

And quite slippery in winter, I should add. We have one such vintgar, or gorge just a couple of minutes drive from where I live. A hiking trail runs along the stream which cuts deep into the hills on both sides, and it makes for some great scenery.

Nowadays people from near and far come here to hike and run, but the area’s been used as far back as the Roman times – they mined the canyon walls for marble to be used in sculpture and some of their works can still be viewed today. Much later the locals built numerous mills and thus put the stream to good use, but save for one, only ruins remain.

I only did a portion of the whole trail today. It was  wet, muddy and pretty slippery in places. We’ve had some snow these couple of days which started to melt and some exposed areas were quite tricky to navigate. Perhaps not the best time of the year, but special in it’s own way. Here’s what I saw along the way:


Narrow bridges lead you across the stream a couple of times


Took my buddy Dušan along for some company
The biggest waterfall cascades down rocks 20 meters deep. You can see the narrow trail on the left.




2 thoughts on “Winter Vintgar*

    1. These things can be tricky sometimes. 🙂 The proper name would be “Blejski vintgar”, so a gorge that’s somehow tied to Bled. We’d usually add the “gorge” to our native name so that foreigners would know what it is.

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