Some new gear finally arrives :)

If you’ve been to my site more than once, you might recall that time I went shopping for cycling shoes and visited the historic town of Ptuj and it’s castle along the way. As the dealer didn’t have a large number of models on hand, I decided to order a pair of  Specialized MTB Sport shoes after trying on some of the older stock. They were to be delivered in about two weeks – some time before the holidays they said, just in time so I could open them up on Christmas eve.

The holidays have come and gone and thankfully the weather hasn’t been appropriate for riding lately, so my bike mostly just sits in my room, leaned up against the wall, waiting for warmer days. I’d started thinking they forgot to place the order, since it was taking way longer than promised, but a few days ago they finally called me to let me know the shoes arrived. It was funny, the girl who called frightfully asked me if I was still interested in buying them. 🙂 I guess she knew it took longer than promised, but I wasn’t about to start a fuss about it.

So now, here they are – Specialized MTB Sport, model year 2016. Must be straight out of the oven, or some Chinese sweatshop in this case. At around 90€ they look like good value for money and since they are my first pair of SPD shoes, I figure they’ll keep me happy for quite a while. I wanted something that wouldn’t be hard to walk in and wouldn’t break the bank, so given the name and the history of the model, these were an obvious choice. Even though I mostly ride on the road, I guess they won’t look out of place there.

I haven’t had the time to thoroughly test them yet, so I’ll post more impressions later on, but here are some pics if you’re wondering what they look like.


If weight saving is your thing – the left one comes in at 342 g at size 41 (UK 7). Interestingly, the right one is 4 g heavier.
I picked up a matte black Rib Cage II as well.

Also don’t forget to take a look at the bike and some pics from the road.

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