Start me up!

I’m pleased to report that the skies above our small little country have cleared up somewhat, the temperatures have risen for the time being which means it was time to saddle the horse again and bring it out of its slumber.

We’ve both been a little out of our league these past few weeks. It seems I don’t function as good as I’d like with this semi-winter grayness all around. And leaned up against a wall is no place for a bike to be.

It wasn’t much more than 6 or 7°C, but that beats freezing temperatures any day of the year. I jumped at it and went to spin the pedals for about an hour along my usual short circuit. I’ve written about it before in a post called The Colours of Autumn – there’s some nice pictures to see there, so have a look. 🙂

The lake was covered with a thin layer of ice

Mid-autumn surely is a much nicer looking time of year than what we have at the moment, but what can you do. I tried out the new pair of cycling shoes today and they seem to be working well, clipping in and out went smoothly and I didn’t lose my dignity. The bike got a little messy from the field roads, but a quick rubdown took care of that when I got back home.

I’m planning to go places this year and hopefully you’ll get to see plenty of it as well. Make sure to come back often to check how things are going – I’ll be happy to have you around. And may The Rolling Stones speed you on your way today. 🙂

…start me up
If you start me up I’ll never stop…




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