Tarragona Trip article in Hostelling International Web Magazine

After coming back from Tarragona, Spain and writing a blog post about it, I went on and did an article for Globetrotter, an online travel magazine under the Slovenian branch of Hostelling International.

Although similar in length and equipped with pretty much the same pictures, it is not a copy/paste job – while I mostly convey my personal experiences and thoughts here on the blog, the magazine article is oriented more towards giving a general presentation of the city and it’s attractions. To put it short – it’s a lot more like your average travel article.

Best taken with friends 🙂

I won’t go over what or why you should go to Tarragona, I’ll just say that you definitely should. And before you do, there’s the article in question waiting for you by clicking on one of the links below. Both English and Slovenian language versions are available and again, not direct translations. Why not read both of them if you have the chance. 🙂

Tarragona trip article @ Globetrotter Web Magazine – English version

Utrinki s potovanja v Tarragono – v slovenščini.

As always, enjoy it 😉




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