Hiking and biking on Uršlja gora (1699 m)

Uršlja gora (also called Plešivec) is a peak with a hard to pronounce name that lies in the Karavanke range in northern Slovenia, close to the border with Austria. It’s just short of 1700 meters high and features a cozy cottage at the top, accompanied by the Church of St. Ursula, which happens to be the highest-lying church in Slovenia.

For a long time the peak has been popular with nature lovers who visit it either on foot or by mountain bikes. A forest road that’s closed to traffic leads all the way to the top and provides a great opportunity for a cool MTB trip. Hikers meanwhile have almost a dozen different variations of well marked footpaths, all suitable for people of basic physical ability. Depending on your starting point it should take you anywhere from an hour to about three to get up to the top, where you’ll be able to enjoy the views on the surrounding mountains, hills and valleys.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I went for a little day trip with the local hiking club and found it quite fun. You could roughly translate “Uršlja gora” into “Ursula’s mountain”, but there’s nothing really mountainous about it. Just about anyone from young kids with parents to active pensioners should be able to make the climb and enjoy the lush forests on the way. Or, if you are a mountain biker looking for a challenge why not take this one on. You’ll be biting your knees in places, but a cold beer and nice views will surely be waiting for you when you get through it.



The outdoors season, either for hikers or bikers is now officially open and so is just about every mountain cottage and refuge all around the country. We had a pretty nice day today with a short shower just as we peaked. Still, it was nothing to it, the cottage was packed full of cheery hikers and a bit of rain ruined no one’s day. Click through the gallery for more pics of the day, including some scenic views  and bikers and hikers doing what they love to do. Keep an eye out for yours truly making an appearance. 🙂

If you find yourself in Slovenia’s mountain regions, don’t hesitate to put your hiking boots on. Or look for a bike and spin the pedals a bit. Either way, you won’t regret it.

For more info, head over to the Active Holidays section on slovenia.info, the official Slovenian travel guide.


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