The apparent lack of writing content is very real

I’ve come to realise that winter isn’t the best of times for me. Especially not this winter.

It’s always a special moment when you look out the window and see snow falling for the first time of the year. The ground is getting all white, there’s a certain sense of calm all around and even the air itself has a freshnes to it. There might be a Christmas song playing on the radio, or it’s just your imagination. You feel like a little kid, ready to jump outside and make snow angels in the back yard.

The feeling lasts for a couple of days and all is well. You don’t mind the extra hassle of driving like your grandma on your way to work. The radio’s constantly reminding everyone – as if they don’t know – that it’s finally started snowing and how wonderful everything is. It’s the main topic of nonsensical small talk around the office. But then it all quickly becomes very old and you start wishing that summer vacation was just around the corner. Of course it isn’t and you’re stuck in a brown-gray world full of ice and slush that makes you feel like you’ve woken up on a smoggy Beijing morning. Plus it’s cold like hell.

The woods might provide a nice, albeit chilly retreat.

So that’s what we’ve been having for the last couple of weeks. Morning temperatures in double negatives, a job that I can’t even ride my bike to and the consecutive lack of time outside all contribute to a general sense of uselessness. I usually don’t mind a spot of bad weather, but this time it’s stretching it real thin.

The coldest winter in the last 30 years, they’re calling it. Just when I thought global warming was about to flush us all away into the burning pits of hell. At least it would be warmer there and I could maybe ride my bike a bit.

Hence the lack of any new content on the blog these past weeks, even months. I really haven’t done much that I could write about. Really hope it changes soon so I can start spinning the pedals again, or give my hiking boots something to do. Till then, I guess the only thing to do is listen to a hot summer song and wait for the winter blues to pass by…

This one reminds me of a night last year in Tarragona. The friends I was with knew a couple of girls from France and we ended up dancing to this beat  in some crazy Catalan wine cellar nightclub. I think it was called La Cova. Really great energy and fantastic people all around, a true highlight of the year. Sadly I never saw  or heard from the French pair after that night…


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