Spring brings a new bike to the house – 2011 Felt F85

Just a few snaps today of my new acquisition – it’s not really a new bike, though looking from afar one might get the feeling that it could be. It came from a friend who bought it new a few years back, did a couple of rounds and then decided cycling wasn’t really his thing. He hung it on the wall in his garage and had it there for a few years more, then got tired of watching it every day. He came to me asking if I knew anyone who’d be interested in buying it. I said I’d think about it, then went round to his house and handed over the money.


Now, the F series from Felt is made up of pure race bikes – light, fast, aggressive and good looking. The 2011 F85 features an aluminium frame with carbon forks and seat post, a Shimano 105 groupset and a flashy black-white-green paintjob complemented by white-topped tyres. Rims are Mavic CXP 22 and rubber comes from Vittoria. Thrown in with the deal were a pair of Shimano road cycling shoes with white matching pedals which I haven’t fitted yet, so the bike has to do with cheap plastic ones for now. They do a good job of ruining the bike’s looks, but that’s all for a reason.

The problem I have with the bike comes mainly down to me and my height, or rather the lack of it. The size of the frame is 54, whereas I would be much happier with something between 49 and 52. Couple that with a stem that’s quite long as well and you get a bike that – at least for me – is very uncomfortable to ride. The funny thing is that the friend who originally bought it isn’t much taller than me, so I can understand why he didn’t enjoy riding it. Some advice for beginning cyclist looking for their first bike; look for one that’s the right size for you. By that I don’t mean the size of the tires, it’s the frame that’s in question. Make sure you don’t feel overstretched when you reach for the handlebars and that you can reach the pedals and ground comfortably.


Despite the size issue I did take if for a quick spin and it felt even quicker than the Specialized Diverge I normally use. Though I didn’t weigh it, I think it’s considerably lighter as well. The 23 mm wide tyres may not soak up as many bumps as the 28s on the Diverge and I wouldn’t take it onto dirt or gravel, but for flat out asphalt runs, the bike is perfect. I think I’ll sell it on sooner or later, maybe even make a bit of a profit on the deal. The main thing is that the bike is too good to be sitting in a garage and deserves someone who’ll use it on a regular basis.

Feel free to check out the gallery below for more pics and post a comment if you’d like to know more about the bike. šŸ™‚


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