Useful links

Should you be interested to know more about Slovenia (which I hope you are), here are some nice websites to dig a little deeper. I’ll update the list from time to time, so check back to see what’s new. – the official Slovenian travel guide. Offers information and descriptions on just about any worthwhile activity or accomodation provider in the country. – a similar website, focusing on nature activities and largely aimed at active holiday seekers. – want to get around quickly and cheaply while meeting new people? This is a ride sharing site where drivers offer free space in their cars for a price much lower than public transport.

Visit Ljubljana – the tongue-twisting capital of our small country is ideal for a short city break or as a base of further explorations. Sure to please everyone from young adventure seekers, families, lovers of history, achitecture, culture and beyond. – hiking, cycling, skiing, the world’s oldest grape vine – combine outdoor adventures with great culinary delights, add a pinch of culture and sports to get Slovenia’s second biggest city.


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